Indoor Sunshine: Single 30-watt Spiral Bulb

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Brand : Sunlight Sciences
UPC : 896635001006

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Product Description:

Balanced full spectrum light, Indoor Sunshine bulbs are available in 15 wt, 25 wt, 30 wt, and 3-way bulbs. Order several or the discounted three-packs (trios). Light from Indoor Sunshine bulbs is the closest match to natural sunlight available. Sunlight is 100 CRI (Color Rendering Index) 5500 K (Kelvin). Indoor Sunshine is 95 CRI 5300 K. If the CRI is not listed, it's not true full spectrum light. We see yellow as the brightest color (think post-it notes) but use blue to see. This true bio-correct full spectrum light may help support a healthy immune system, reduce fatigue and increase mental clarity, provide clearer vision, and boost productivity. Could life exist without SUNSHINE? Research shows that full spectrum light boosts productivity, supports our immune system and helps us be calm and alert. When participants put five 30 wt Indoor Sunshine lights where they wanted and used them when they wanted, results showed a 22-79% increase in white blood cells (Absolute Neutrophil Count) in 30 days. With true full spectrum light, we are calmer and more focused. Indoor Sunshine is recommended for autistics, ADD/ADHD, PSTD, SAD and PMS. A two-year school study in Canada with four kinds of light reported "lighting systems are not neutral they have non-visual effects on people." Students under true full spectrum light tested higher, grew faster, had 1/3 fewer absences and had 2/3rds fewer cavities. Another study placed 2000 mice under four types of light. The mice lived 7.5 months under pink fluorescent light, 8.2 months under cool white light, 15.6 months under full spectrum light, and 16.1 months under natural sunshine. True full spectrum light is preferred by artists & photographers, gardeners, even pets! Sunshine itself is the blueprint for Indoor Sunshine.