HOME-X Decorative Flameless Candles, Solar-Powered LED Lights, Home Decor, Set of 2

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Brand : HOME-X
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These enchanting candles are sure to capture the attention of anyone who happens to see them. They will cast a soft warm glow throughout your space, making your home a truly whimsical and wonderful place. These white candles have a fake orange flame for added effect. Besides being fun to look at, these dripless candles are completely safe to use. TheyÖre flameless, meaning that no fire is required. Because of this, you can place them in your apartment or dorm without worry or fear of anything catching fire. In fact, these candles are operated via solar-powered LED lights. ThereÖs no electricity or batteries required, so you can use them both indoors and outdoors. On either side of the candlestick, youÖll notice the solar panels that help to provide power. To activate these candles, just flick the on/off switch found at the bottom of each of their stands. These candles make a great holiday decoration that is sure to complement any festive arrangement. These antique-looking candlesticks are set into a gorgeous brass-colored holder, which sits atop a rectangle-shaped base. With your order, youÖll receive 2 of these beautiful candles, so you can set them all around your house. We recommend placing these unique candles on your table, mantle, windowsill, or counter to bring style and pizzazz to a holiday display. They are big enough to act as a centerpiece for your display but also small enough for storage. When youÖre not using them, just them stow them away for the next occasion. This set of candles will make a captivating accent in your home!

  • FLAMELESS CANDLE: Traditional candles are fun to look at, but they can be unsafe to use. There's always the chance of a fire starting when you light a candle. Fortunately, our decorative candles are flameless. The flame is colored orange to resemble fire and it even flickers like a real candle! This faux candle gives you the effect of a lit candle without the danger.
  • CUTE HOLIDAY DECORATION: The winter season brings plenty of holidays to celebrate, including Christmas. These delightful candles will help you share your Christmas spirit because they'll brightly illuminate your holiday decor. Pair them with your other seasonal decorations for a lovely festive display.
  • SPRUCE UP YOUR HOME: These tall pillar candles are sure to bring flair and pizzazz to your home. The plastic candlesticks rest upon a brass holder. The holder is set atop a brass base that is rectangular in shape. On either side of the candle, you'll find solar panels that help power the candle. Under the base, there is a non-slip grip, so your candles won't topple over.
  • SOLAR POWERED: You don't need to worry about scrambling to find an outlet to plug in these artificial candles nor do you need to rush to find batteries. These taper candles conveniently use solar-powered LED lights, making them portable and even handheld! To turn on the candle, simply flip the switch located at the bottom of the base.
  • SET OF 2: With your purchase, you'll receive 2 fireless candles. We recommend displaying them on either side of your mantle. You can also place them on the dining table when hosting dinner parties with your friends. You can also display the candles in your window during the holiday season. Wherever you place these wickless candles, they are sure to bring class and sophistication to your home.