Holiday Lighting Outlet Smooth C9 Christmas Lights | Cool White Led Light Bulbs Holiday Decoration | Warm Christmas Decor For Indoor & Outdoor Use | 3 Smd Leds In Each Light Bulb | Set Of 25

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When it comes to holiday decorations, C9 Christmas lights are the best way to make a bright statement.  Weather you wrap them on your tree or wreath or decide to hang them from the roof of your house, these bright outdoor led Christmas lights are sure to be seen.



With incandescent bulbs being too expensive to use, you'll want to upgrade to C9 LED lights.  Doing so is not a hassle.  Simply unscrew your existing C9 Bulbs from your E17 bulb socket light strings and replace them by screwing in the replacement LED Christmas Bulbs.



The hassle of having too many extension cords and not enough outlets is over.  Our LED bulbs only use .58 watts of energy per bulb.  This means that far more bulbs can be connected in series than incandescent on a single outlet. *ALWAYS check the ratings of your light strings. NEVER exceed the power capacity of your light strings*



Using our C9 warm white led Christmas lights, you can give your home that warm Christmas glow that is sure to wow everyone.  Make the holidays come to life this season for you and yours with outdoor tree lights using these large outdoor Christmas lights.

BRING COLOR TO YOUR HOLIDAYS: Warm White, Cool White, Red, Blue Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, Teal, You name it! We've got C9 replacement led christmas bulbs for all your holiday needs!*COMMERCIAL GRADE BULBS: C9 replacement bulbs are built to last. Shatter-Resistant acrylic bulbs are the best choice for tough outdoor use. Brave the elements with these C9 Christmas Lights.*VINTAGE BULB STYLE: These bulbs are smooth as opposed to faceted. Loaded with SMD LED technology, you'll have an old classic Christmas look while saving money in your wallet.*OUTDOOR & INDOOR USE: C9 Christmas Lights are large bulbs that work great outdoors or inside the home. Decorate your lawn tree or foliage for a festive glow or create a stunning holiday look with lighted windows.*REPLACE YOUR OLD BULBS TODAY: C9 incandescent bulbs are costly, old, and outdated. Upgrade to these energy efficient LED replacement christmas bulbs to revitalize your christmas lights and your holidays.