Handmade Real Wax Unscented Minimalistic Dog Shaped Battery Operated Flameless LED Candle Kids' Children's Room Nursery Animal Night Light Decorative Table Lamp Centerpiece with Timer Home Decor White

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Brand : Jingtech
UPC : 6959145854082


This dog shaped LED night light is made of real wax. It is handmade and hand crafted with geometric low poly style. Inside body of the dog statue, there is LED light with built-in 6-hour daily cycle timer. Once the light is turned on, it stays on for 6 hours and then turns off automatically and remains off for the next 18 hours. On the second day, it turns on and off itself. This is an innovative product in which we combine wax craft, LED and control technologies. It is unique and you can hardly find it in the market.

The decorative LED light/night light is battery powered and safe for home, kids, seniors and pets. In addition, this battery operated LED light is easily moved to anywhere in the rooms because there are no cords and wires.

This real wax dog shaped LED candle light is really a multipurpose light:
1.Can be used as a flameless candle. The LED night light flickers like real candle and creates a warm and romantic ambience.
2.Can be used as kids' room nursery night light. The soft glow light creates a peaceful atmosphere.
3.Can be used as a decorative figurine for you rooms day and night. The minimalistic and geometrically beautiful dog statue will certainly decorate your home with or without light on.
4.Can be a perfect gift throughout a year. This unique and innovative product is an ideal gift choice for events, parties, and holidays.

1.Material: paraffin wax.
2.Shape: dog.
3.Size: approx. 8.3" in height.
4.Appearance color: white.
5.Light color: amber.
6.Package quantity: 1.
7.Battery required: 2 AA (not included).

  • Multi Purposes. This battery powered real wax novelty LED candle light is ideal for home decor and holiday decorations. It can be used as a flameless LED candle, a table centerpiece, a children's room nursery night light, or a decorative lamp. In addition, the animal LED nightlight is also a perfect gift for almost all holidays, such as New Year, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Handmade and hand crafted. The geometric low poly style dog shaped decorative LED light is made of real paraffin wax. The product is hand poured and hand crafted. Use it to decorate your rooms day and night. The wax dog is geometrically beautiful, whether on a mantel piece, or on a bedside table. Flickering LED light inside body of the dog creates a warm and romantic ambience.
  • Easy to use with timer. There is a built-in six-hour daily cycle timer inside the dog shaped LED nightlight. Once you turn on the LED light, it stays on for 6 hours and then turns off for 18 hours. This 6-hour on, 18-hour off cycle repeats automatically everyday. This daily cycle timer saves the troubles of turning on and off this flameless LED candle lights manually.
  • Battery powered decorative LED light. This decorating LED light is battery operated and therefore there is no fire hazard. Battery operated night light are safe to use with, especially when you have kids, seniors and pets at home. Therefore, this battery operated dog shaped LED light is ideally used as a babies', kids' and children's room nursery nightlight.
  • Super long battery life. This long lasting battery powered flameless LED candle/kids' nursery nightlight/decorative table lamp has outstanding battery life. The LED light requires two AA batteries and the battery life is about 1500 hours.