Glovion Outdoor/indoor Waterproof Rechargeable Flat Ball Shape LED Pool &Lawn Light With16 Color Changing Mood Lamp and Remote Control (D30xh17cm) (30cm(D)X17cm(H))

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Brand : Glovion
UPC : 88675470045

Accessories :
Power adapter: Adaptable voltage : AC110v-240v
1pcs Remote control,1pcs Adapter 1 pc English Manual
Charging Method : Dock & Go -- Wireless Charging Base
With charging Indicator : Red mean charging; Blue mean full charged
Recharging Time : 4-5 Hours
Working Time : 8-10 Hours

¢ Home, Garden, Room ,Office, Supermarket, Exhibit Hall etc;
¢ For Bar, Coffee House, Party, Celebration, Wedding ,Birthday etc;
¢ Be Gift ,Present and Largess or For Self etc;
¢ For New Year, Christmas, Xmas gift, Halloween, National Day etc Festival.
¢ Be Decoration, Adorn, Ornament, Embellishment, Accessory, Garnish,
¢ Nightclub , Disco ,KTV, Party ,Rent, Gift and others.

Rechargeable Description:
* Put this product on induction plate for charging, the charging indicator lights will change from blue to red, when indicator lights turns blue again, means the battery is fully charged.

How to work?
* Check if the product has power or not? If no, make it in charging. The first charging should be at least 6 hours.
* Make sure the product could be in normal working. Use its Remote control, press "on", turn on the light, you could choose different color, adjust brightness and the speed of the flash by remote control.
* Press" Off", turn off the light.