GiveU Led Candles-Melted Dripping Flickering Flameless Pillar Wax Candle with Timer,Ivory (3x4)

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Brand : DFL
UPC : 6952303827690


Decorative LED Votive Candles
Material: Unscented wax, Plastic
Power Source: battery-powered

Long Battery Life:550 Hours
Using: Chandelier, Table decor, Centerpiece,Led Candle Holder. Votive Candle Holder,Wedding Light,Gift,
Products in full compliance with the ROHS and CE standard.

4&8 Hours Timer Function Instruction:
4H : 4 hours lights up, 20 hours off, automatically turn on at the same time on the next day.
8H : 8 hours lights up, 16 hours off, automatically turn on at the same time on the next day.

How to inserting the batteries
1.Open the battery compartment cover by pushing the latch back and removing the cover completely.
2.Insert 2 x AA batteries into the battery compartment according to the polarity indicators inside the compartment.
3.Close the battery compartment cover by placing the 2 small tabs in the slots and pressing down to secure the latch.

Customer Service
If there is Any question. Any Special requirement,
Please contact us first. We always be here for you!

  • REALISTIC & SPECIFICATIONS - Made from real high quality wax, feels and looks like a real wax pillar candle. Blinking slowly, like a real candle flame. 4 inches high.
  • 4&8-Hour Timer FUNCTION - In-built 4/8 hours timer switch, 4/8 hours lights up,20/16 hours off, turn on at the same time on next day automatically and keep repeating this process.
  • Honeycomb Design--Looking Like one by one honeycomb,Very real like.The candle requires 2xC Batteries( Not Included). Long lasting battery lifespan saves you a lot of money. The batteries have 500 hours of light-time and can be replaced easily via the tab at the bottom. you no longer have to put up with the annoyance of cleaning candle drips or worry about falling asleep without blowing the candles. Real flame is very easy to catch fire.
  • Comfortable & Special- Warm glowing,amber light. Fashionable to use these led candles to decorate your home on special days or festival. A fantastic idea to having romantic candlelight dinner with your lover and families in the romantic and peaceful atmosphere created by led taper candle! Even at home you could enjoy amazing dinner time instead of going to other resturants.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL CANDLES - These electronic candles can be used to decorate wedding ceremony; home altar; church altar; bookcase; hallway. Even used as wall sconces.