Gerson Everlasting Glow 41559 Battery Operated Metal and Glass School House Lantern with 3 by 3" LED Resin Candle, 5.25 by 5.91", Black

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Brand : The Gerson Company
UPC : 745667076943

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This battery operated black metal school house lantern will be the perfect addition to your home or patio. The 5.91-inch Tall metal frame with hand-blown glass globe tube allows visibility within the lantern to see the 3-inch by 3-inch resin led candle. The lantern is black powder coated metal, and the candle is a natural bisque color with a soft glow flicker led mechanism. With it's old-fashioned school house style, this lantern is both indoor and outdoor capable, giving you the versatility to light up any room or outdoor area. The lantern requires 3 AAA batteries to operate the led candle, which are included at purchase. The led candle includes a timer function with 5 hours of lighted time and 19 hours off time, allowing you to light the lantern and not be concerned with turning it off at the end of each day of use.

  • Battery powered
  • 15% metal, 32% plastic and led, 5% batteries, 38% glass, 10% packing/packaging
  • Includes 3-inch by 3-inch resin led candle with 5-hour timer feature