GE Lighting 62270 Reveal CFL 15-Watt (65-watt replacement) 660-Lumen R30 Floodlight Bulb with Medium Base, 12-Pack

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Brand : GE Lighting
UPC : 043168622707

Product Description:

Make colors and patterns pop while saving money on energy. GE reveal indoor floodlight CFL bulbs feature a GE reveal Spiral bulb on the inside that uses 75-Percent less energy and lasts 8 times longer than a regular incandescent bulb. These bulbs' funnel shape help direct light where it is needed better than a standard CFL or incandescent bulb. GE reveal indoor floodlight CFL bulbs provide clean, beautiful light in any room, helping you save money on energy without sacrificing style. Use GE reveal indoor floodlight CFLs in indoor recessed track and recessed fixtures to create broad beams of light in any room or space EST Follow the recording prompts or stay on the line to speak directly to a customer service rep.

  • 65 watt replacement uses only 15-Watt
  • 660 lumens providing clean, beautiful light
  • Lasts 9.1 years based on 3 hours per day usage
  • Estimated yearly energy costs $1.81 based on 3 hours per day $0.11 per kWh
  • $55.00 in energy savings over the life of the bulb based on 3 hours per day usage