GE Lighting 15986 6-Watt 295-Lumen 9-Inch T5 Fluorescent Light Bulb, Cool White

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Brand : GE Lighting
UPC : 043168981118

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Product Description:

GE Straight Linear T5 Garage and Basement Fluorescent Bulbs' cool white light is perfect for illuminating sizable spaces throughout your home. Use in large open spaces in your home including finished and unfinished basements, garages and rec rooms. Cool white light perfect for sizable spaces. Ideal for desk lamps, display lights and under cabinets. 9" long 0.6" diameter T5 with miniature bi-pin (g5) base 4100K cool white light appearance Cool white light perfect for sizable spaces Lasts 2.3 years based on 6 hours per day usage For use in large spaces such as basements and garages Ideal for desk lamps, display lights and under cabinets. General Characteristics: Lamp type: Linear Fluorescent Straight Linear Bulb: T5 Base: Miniature Bi-Pin (G5) Primary Application: Garage & Basement Rated Life (NOM): 5000 hrs Bulb Material: Soda lime Starting Temperature (MIN): 10 C(50 F) Mercury Content (NOM): 6 mg Picograms of Mercury (NOM): 5106 picograms Hg per mean lumen hour Photometric Characteristics: Initial Lumens (NOM): 295 Mean Lumens (NOM): 235 Nominal Initial Lumens per Watt (NOM): 49 Color Temperature (NOM): 4100 K Color Rendering Index (CRI) (NOM): 60 Electrical Characteristics: Wattage (NOM): 6.0 Open Circuit Voltage (rapid start) (MAX): 180.0 V Open Circuit Voltage (after preheating) Max @ Temperature: 210.0 @ 10.0 V Open Circuit Voltage (rapid start) Min @ Temperature: 130.0 @ 10.0 V Cathode Resistance Ratio Rh/Rc (MIN): 4.25 Cathode Resistance Ratio Rh/Rc (MAX): 6.5 Open Circuit Voltage (after preheating) Min @ Temperature: 108.0 @ 10.0 V Current Crest Factor (MAX): 1.7 Dimensions: Maximum Overall Length (MOL) (NOM): 8.9100 in (226.3 mm) Nominal Length (NOM): 9.0000 in (228.6 mm) Bulb Diameter (DIA) (MIN): 0.5300 in (13.4 mm) Bulb Diameter (DIA) (MAX): 0.6300 in (16.0 mm) Bulb Diameter (DIA) (NOM): 0.6250 in (15.8 mm) Max Base Face to Base Face (A) (NOM): 8.3500 in (212