GE 40180-923 Miniature Automotive Light Bulb

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Brand : GE
UPC : 043168401807

Product Description:

GE 11 watts 12 volts 923 T5 Miniature Wedge Halogen Light Bulb - 2 bulbs Package Deal - enhance the beauty and security of your home with GE outdoor bulb - design with a unique all-weather construction, they withstand harsh weather condition better than regular bulbs

  • Halogen light bulbs have a longer life and a higher light output than incandescent bulbs
  • Halogen bulbs have a whiter and brighter light and less blackening, dimmable with most dimmers
  • Applications: interior, interior recessed lighting, track lighting, security lighting
  • GE T5 halogen bulb, 11W, 12V,
  • Base: Wedge, , Rated Life (Hr): 500, Luminous Flux (LM): 157,