GE 24981-4825R Miniature Automotive Light Bulb

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Brand : GE
UPC : 043168961868

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Product Description:

GE 4825R Stop / Tail Red Tint Automotive lamp GE 4825RBulb Code 2498150 Watt /18 Watt 28 Volt Par36 lamp is used as Stop/Tail bulbIn Automotive and Aircraft-Aviation CIM to replaceexisting landing light systemsThe GE 4825R has a 3 Screw Termina base and Flood 50 degree beam spread. The GE 4825R aircraft lamp is designed to withstand extreme climatic and vibration conditions, which can result in short life expectancy and frequent lamp changing.

  • Incandescent bulbs are dimmable bulb and din not a have poor quality light as low energy bulbs
  • best used in household and commercial lighting, decorative & advertising lighting, portable lighting
  • Stock now on Incandescent bulbs before 2012 phase out of incandescent light bulbs
  • GE PAR36 incandescent bulb, 50W, 28V,
  • Base: 3 Screw Terminals, Rated Life (hrs): 200, Luminous Flux: