FYKJ Safety Sign Light,Caution Wet Floor lamp,Indoor Indicator lamp,Logo Projection lamp,washroom Indicator lamp,Indoor Projection lamp,Watch Wet Floor Projector(Beware of Wet Floor)

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Brand : FYKJ
UPC : 687551647191

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1 :Projection distance and projection size
When the lamp is 6.5ft away, the projected pattern is probably 2.5ft diameter.
When the lamp is 10ft away,the projected pattern is probably 2.8ft diameter.
The closer the light is projected, the smaller the pattern.The farther the light is projected, the larger the pattern.
2 :Product use environment
Warm reminder: it is suitable for indoor use. Projection is done by light, so it needs to be used at night or in dark. For example: bars,
KTV,hotels,cafes,leisure clubs,music restaurants and other indoor darker places.
3 :Advantage of this product
We adopt high quality alloy shell,strong and durable,good quality and long life.
The logo of the projection lamp is made of quartz glass and is permanent.
anywhere with E26 socket power supply, to play a hint or guide role.
The product is easy to install and save electricity.
The projected picture is clear
LED :5W Brightness: 800 lumens, Color Temperature: 6,500K
The middle hose can bend freely and change the projection direction
When the card on the projection lamp is taken out, the product can also project a round white light for use as a spotlight
The product does not contain E26 lamp holder

  • Projection products are suitable for indoor dark environment,The projection distance is the best between 410ft
  • Voltage: 110V220V 5 W CREE LED wick,E26 lamp holder,product material: aluminum alloy
  • The projection mark is made of quartz glass and belongs to the permanent use of the material without fading.Good transmittance and clear effect.
  • USES: provides a safety reminder and very interesting innovation,decorative environment.
  • Projection lamp can bend Angle to change projection direction, simple installation, high brightness, long life and other characteristics. the projection lamp would install on E26 lampholder directly and use.