Flickering Flameless Candles, Set of 3 Real Lvory Wax Pillar Large Candles with Remote Control and Timer, Flameless Led Candles Battery Operated, Tealight Candle White 4" 5" 6" Inch, Moving Wick

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Brand : Shenzhenshi youzhisheng keji youxiangongsi
UPC : 641926126100


Real Flame-Effect and simulation led candles, These dancing candles are so realistic that they are difficult to distinguish from traditional burning candles practically flame simulation technology makes the candles flicker and sway like dancing with the wind, Brings the most realistic experience to any surroundings real wax and elegant design, The candle shell is made from paraffin wax, However there is no burning wick, Smoke or messy dripping wax. They are perfect to placing like bookshelves, Bedroom, Hotel, Party etc. They are very suitable for outdoor. Can give a person happy and romank feeling. Smooth finish, Classic ivory color and elegant design, Use the real Flame-Effect candles in locations where you would use real candles.

No Mess: No dripping wax No smoke and scent No annoyance of deaning candles drip.

No Flame: No worry of causing fire no worry of blowing out no worry about falling asleep without blowing the candles Remote Control and Timer, The remote control can turn candles on and off, It can change lighting modes, Adjust brightness and timer. Timer feature allows you to set 4H | 5H | 6H | 8H, Timed to automatically turn on and off. Will Cycle Every 24 Hours." How to illuminating the CandleáMove the OFF-ON switch on the bottom to ON. The candle will illuminate until you manually move the switch to OFF.

ON-OFF Button: Illuminating the Candle On=Off (Note:Before you use the Remote Control, switch the ON-OFF button to ON at the bottom of the LED candles).
TIMER: Set On/Off Automatic Time feature, Set to 2/4/6/8Hours.
Mode: Candle-Non-Moving Flame Flicker; Light-Moving Flame.
Brightness Control: Left button to lower the brightness Right button to increase brightness.

Package Included:
1*LED Candle(Size:H4""(10.2cm)*D3.15""(8cm)
1*LED Candle(Size: H5""(12.7cm)*D3.15""(8cm)
1*LED Candle(Size: H6""(15.2cm) * D3.15""(8cm)
1*Remote control

  • EASY AND CONVENIENT TO OPERATE: Using the 10-key remote control and timer, You could control all candles for flickering, Light and timer function. Timer feature allows you to set 2H | 4H | 6H | 8H, timed to automatically turn on and off. Will cycle every 24 Hours.
  • WINDPROOF: The flameless candles is desighed to prevent wind. It also work well on wet surroundings and snowy surfaces. but it can't in water or heavy rain.
  • SAVING ENERGY, LONG BATTERY LIFE: The battery candles are operated by 2 x AA battery(No included) with flickering effect. The batteries are expected to last for 350 hours. The life of the candles is up to 50,000 hours.
  • SAFE TO USE: Replace the traditional candles. No risk of fire, No smoke, No matches, No dripping wax. These flameless candles can be used without having to worry of flame, Absolutely no fire hazards or burning risks, Safe for families with pet or young child(ren).
  • THE PERFECT DECORATING: These flameless candles are so realistic that practically indistinguishable from traditional burning candles. With dancing flame effect. Can be widely applied to Birthday, Christmas, Home decorations, Bars, Hotel, Parties, Holidays, Wedding, Halloween, etc.Create an atmosphere and romank.