Flickering Battery Operated Flameless LED Votive Candles with Timer Long Lasting Realistic Decorative Electric Tea Lights Set for Home Christmas Party Decorations Decor Gifts 6 Pack Battery Included

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Brand : Shenzhenshi heheshundianzikeji Youxian Gongsi
UPC : 715002344686

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Whether you need to decorate your dining table, wedding party, or Christmas evening, you should try these bright flickering battery operated flameless LED votive candles. Battery votive and tealight candles are safe to use. There is no fire hazard. In addition, electric candles and tea lights are often used as holiday gifts and party favors.

1.Material: plastic.
2.Shape: votive with drips.
3.Size: 1.5" in diameter, 2.0" in height.
4.Appearance color: ivory.
5.Light color: warm white.
6.Package quantity: 6.
7.Battery required: CR2032 button cell (included).

  • Like real candles. The battery powered votive candles have a realistic appearance and flicker like real candles.
  • Widely used. Flameless LED candles are widely used, especially in Christmas season. They can be used as holiday decorative lights, gifts or party favors.
  • Automatic daily cycle timer. Each votive has a built-in automatic on and off timer. Once you turn on the votive, it stays on for 6 hours and then turns off itself and remains off for 18 hours. On the second day, the cycle repeats. You don't need manually turn these LED votive candles on and off.
  • Long lasting. One of the good features of these battery votive candles is the long battery life. Each Cr2032 battery lasts about 200 hours.
  • No risk of fire. Flameless LED votive candle and tea lights are safe to use. There is no smoke and no fire hazard.