Flamelike candles - Flameless Candle With Timer. Non Wax. Unscented LED Moving Wick Flame. Battery Operated. Realistic. Best Flickering Action.

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Brand : Flamelike candles
UPC : 7466655951204

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Product Description:

Introducing The Perfect Flameless LED Candle! Say goodbye to the mess and stress of real wax candles without losing any of the beauty and warmth. Our flameless resin candles give you the perfect wax look - no flame required. Whether you are looking for a warm touch for your home or candles that can be used in reception halls, centers, and churches that dont allow flames, these candles are your best bet. Here are just some of the reasons people love our candles¦ *The special resin looks and feels like real wax *Unlike regular candles, these flameless candles last for years *Use safely anywhere without worrying about potential damage *Set timers to enjoy your candles exactly when you want to *600 hours of battery life makes us last longer than our competitors *Realistic flicker gives a realistic appearance - perfect to use outdoors *Odorless and fragrance-free makes our candles perfect for people with sensitivities - great for offices, yoga studios, and other health and wellness environments *Safe to use around kids and pets You will love how real your flameless candles look - and how easy it is to use them! From special occasions to your homes living room, our candles are the perfect solution. Use them indoors or outdoors! Ready to see what the worlds best flameless candle looks like in person? Click Å€œAdd to Cart� and get yours today!