Flameless Led Candles, Battery Operated Wax Candle With Timer for Valentine's Day and Home Decor,1.75x6 Inches,White,Pack of 2

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Brand : GiveU
UPC : 6952303803090


About GiveU Battery Operated Candle

The votive LED candles can be used as home decor, Also can be used in any big events, Enjoy candles without the messy wax and dangerous flames as well as the convenience of the remote control.

For these flameless candles, you can choose the timer. The bulbs are made in LED, which is safe and energy-efficient. This is perfect for those nights when you want to relax and de-stress. Give you the feeling of real candles without worrying about dripping, fires, etc. The remote control lets you use the flameless candles in hard to reach areas such as tall shelves or even chandeliers, lanterns.

Timer Function Instruction

4H: 4 hours lights up, 20 hours off, automatically turn on at the same time on the next day.

8H: 8 hours lights up, 16 hours off, automatically turn on at the same time on the next day.


Material: Wax, unscented

Power Source: Battery-powered

Type of Bulb: LED

Size: 6 inches Height x 1.75 Diam

Using: chandelier, table decor, centerpiece, Led candle holder, votive candle holder, wedding light, Gift.

Safe: Products in full compliance with the ROHS and CE standard.

How to inserting the batteries

1. Open the battery compartment cover by pushing the latch back and removing the cover completely.

2. Insert 2 x AA batteries into the battery compartment according to the polarity indicators inside the compartment.

3. Close the battery compartment cover by placing the 2 small tabs in the slots and pressing down to secure the latch.

Package Includes:

2 x Flameless Votive Candles (Battery Not Included)

1 x User Manual

  • ÉMADE FROM REAL WAXOur top notch materials are made to replicate the feel and look of real wax with dripping and melt look. You'll receive 2 hand-crafted flameless candles which look EXACTLY like real candles. No one will ever question the authenticity of these flameless candles and it will be your secret.
  • ÉWARM AMBIANCE MINUS THE MESSNo longer will you have to put up with the annoyance of cleaning candle drips.... or worry about falling asleep without blowing the candles. We care about your safety, and a risk of fire shouldn't be a concern. No more dripping wax, no more smoke & no more scent.
  • ÉPLANNING AN EVENT OR PARTY? Our flameless votive LED candles are perfect for weddings, table-top decorations. They're suitable for all kinds of events. They're the PERFECT gift, specially for Valentine's Day. Each votive comes measuring at 1.75x6 Inches which makes it a perfect fit for most votive holders.
  • ÉTIMER FUNCTION FOR MAKING SURPRISE The Led pillar lights timer function can be used easily, 4H: 4 hours lights up, 20 hours off; 8H: 8 hours lights up, 16 hours off, automatically turn on at the same time on the next day. You can choose any period of time. Also no waste of battery energy.
  • ÉSatisfactory guaranteeGiveU stands behind all of its products 100%. If you received broken or defective lights, please contact us Kohree any time, we will compensate you with free replacement or full refund. Any question, please contact with us, you will receive the reply within 24 hours. We will always be here for you.