Flameless Candles LED Pillar Candles with Rose Scent & 3D Flickering Wick Set of 4 (H5"7"x D3") Battery Operated Candles Contains Remote and Timer Lasts 500+ Hours by ENKINDDLE

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With pleasant aromatic scent from UK CPL Aromas(one of the world's top10 essence companies). Even not lit LEDáflickeringácandles, will give off a faint rose fragrance.

LED pillar candles require 2 CC batteries(NOT INCLUDE) per candle, that is expected to run for about 500+ hours, while the lifetime up to 4-MONTH (base on 4-hour usage per day). Making them a way more economical than real candles (only last up to a couple of hours before melting away).

With the LED wick and 2-pack battery inside which offers a kind of waxy touch! If you hold without checking the bottom or top, you could say they are real wax candles! You will be definitely impressed of them!

Safe to use around children, senior and pets, LED candles without real fire, never worry about fire-related accidents again, the wind blows out your candle, without burning and smoke, and no dripping wax like a traditional candle to break your tablecloth.

Move the Off-Manual On switch on the bottom to On. The candle will illuminate until you manually move the switch to Off.
Set On/Off automatic timer feature, move to 4 Hrs Timer.
For example, set 4H at 8:00, it will automatically shutdown at 12:00. Will be automatically open at 8:00 next day, at 12:00 then automatically shut down. It will cycle every 24 hours.
Note:Before you use the Remote Control, switch the Off-On button to ON at the bottom of the LED candles.

- 2 x LED Candles (Size: D 3" x H 5")
- 2 x LED Candles (Size: D 3" x H 7")
- 1 x Remote Control
- 1 x User Manual

  • ÉSAFE COMES FIRST--- Flameless pillar candle made by EU Union certified safe and non-toxic paraffin, won't emit awful scent like candles made by industrial paraffin. Besides, led candle is without fire hazard, safe to use around children, senior and pets.
  • ÉFRAGRANT ROSE SCENT--- LED flamelessácandles contain aromatic rose scent( perfume comes from UL CPL Aromas, one of the world's top10 essence companies), add this candle to your bedside and fall into your sweet dreams.
  • ÉUNIQUE 3D SWINGING WICK ---ENKINDDLE led candle with special 3D auto-swing wick, which is more full and realistic than other 2D flat wick of other candle. To be your perfect replacement of traditional candles!
  • É4H TIMER & REMOTE CONTROL--- LED candleáset comes with remote controller can allow you to control the candle without leaving your sofa. Set 4hrs timer function to let the candle turn 4hrs on and 20hrs off in every 24 hrs cycle.
  • ÉPACKAGE CONTENT--- Each package contains two 3"x5" & two 3"x7" led candles, perfect decor choice for your romantic dinner, wedding site, anniversaries, Christmas, etc.