EuroFone Christmas Tree LED Taper Candles with Remote and Removable Clips Flameless Candle Light Drip Effect Multi-Function Electronic Control LED Candle Light-30 Pack(Warm White)

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Brand : EuroFone
UPC : 719889714600

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* Shell color: White
* Light color: Warm White
* Remote control: 7 keys
* Size: 1.8 X 10.4cm (not including the clip size)

* Function: 10-in-1 LED remote control Christmas tree candles
*. Material: ABS plastic
*. Use one size AA dry battery (Not included)
*. The opening of the entrance used frequency, remote control distance of 10 meters, intelligent tracking code, a remote control can control the number of candles, candle Once identified by the remote control, it will be not control from another, would not be affected by other people's interference

Scope of application:
Promotional gifts, hotels, bars, karaok rooms, home decoration, churches, monasteries, Christmas, birthday parties and home furnishings.

Use instruction
1, an AA battery in the right direction into the candle,Twist the back cover.Until all the candles are loaded,Put it where you want it to be.
2, Push the clip into the bottom of candle body, make sure the clip fits well on the body, and it should be removable from different direction
3, Remove the transparent film on the remote control, then you can control the candles

Packing list
30 * LED candles
30 * clips
1 * 7 key remote control

  • Innovative Way To Brighten Your Home: Provides clean, warm, romantic,smokeless,safe and flameless candles without any mess or hazardous flames associated with them,long lasting, safe to use.
  • Designed with a detachable clip, make the candle can be flatted on a table or clipped onto a Christmas tree in different conditions.
  • Use for Christmas tree candles, LED taper candles, and flameless electric candles for Christmas. Their plastic electric candle stick and remote control makes them so versatile you can use them almost anywhere.
  • Each candle powered by 1* AA battery( NOT Included), A AA battery can light up for 150 hours continuously,Do not replace the battery during Christmas,Relax and enjoy the festive atmosphere.
  • LOOK REALISTIC BUT SAFE - These electric taper candles have great realistic appearance. Our each flameless timer taper LED candles is thoroughly and rigorously tested. Put them in candle holders and it looked like a real candle, but are safe for use around kids, pets, furniture and draperies.