Enlite10 Diwali SunCandle 4 Pack

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Brand : Cr8vProducts
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Enlite10 Diwali SunCandle 4 Pack
Diyas are an essential part of Diwali decoration. (4-Pack) Earth-friendly Window Indian Pooja Candle Recharged by the Sun. Diwali SunCandle adheres to most any window pane or sits on a flat surface (window sill) providing continuous bright flame-like LED light at night while recharging during the day. Made to harness the unlimited power of the sun, the Diwali SunCandle stores the sun's energy in a rechargeable AAA NiMH battery (not included) to provide nonstop continuous use for years.* - Cordless, Solar Powered Rechargeable Battery - Directional LED Light Points Outside, Does Not Illuminate Room - Fits Most All Window Panes - Adheres to the Glass - Sill or No Sill Does Not Matter - Ultra-Low Profile - Won't Interfere with Blinds, Shades, Drapes or Curious Pets - Eliminates Fire Hazard - No Hot Bulb With the Earth-friendly Diwali SunCandle, a solar panel recharges a single AAA battery (not included) during the day for unlimited light during the night - designed for continuous use for the holiday season or year-round cheerfulness, year after year. You can rest easy without fear of a standard Diwali candle starting a fire - Diwali SunCandle uses LED technology, which does not emit heat. Raise and lower your blinds without worry of a hot bulb touching or knocking off the cool, ultra-slim Diwali Suncandle. Use the Diwali SunCandle to decorate all your windows of your home. *Conditions will vary depending on weather and sun exposure. Please see our battery recommendation guide for more detailed information on battery performance. https://cr8vproducts.com/battery-information/
EARTH FRIENDLY – Renewable solar energy recharges AAA battery (sold separately) to provide nonstop use for years. Battery requires replacement approximately every two years with continuous use. | AUTOMATIC – Light responsive sensor automatically turns the candle on when the sun sets and off as it rises! | SAFE – Cool LED eliminates the worry of a fire hazard. | VERSATILE – Designed to stick directly to your window pane, but can sit on a sill or be placed anywhere with natural light. | SLIM PROFILE – Effortless ambiance that won’t get in the way of blinds, shades, or drapes… No cords!