Eleven Master Bedside Reading Light Book Light with On Off Switch Flexible Arm Hose Minimalist LED Bed Reading Lamp Plug in Cord Headboard Wall Surface Mount 3W Warm White Bedroom Wall Lamp (Black)

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Brand : Eleven Master
UPC : 6004565333447

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION of This Wall Mount Reading Light 

A wonderful and practical wall spotlight which would be a handy addition to bedrooms, living rooms, lounges and kitchens. 

Power: 3W

Light source: LED imitation lumen package bead, American pry 45mil chip pure gold wire copper bracket package

Luminous flux: 220 lumens


Voltage: AC85-265V 50/60Hz (low voltage DC 12V 24V can be customized)

Drive power supply: wide voltage input, IC constant current control, isolated transformer output.

Color temperature: warm white 3000-3200K.

Explicit reference: RA>70 (high explicit refers to customizable)

Size: hose length 30mm lamp holder 31*57mm switch base: diameter 65mm

Material: aluminum lamp holder, aluminum base, iron bottom chrome hose, acrylic lens.

Packaging: white box 1pcs/ box 8*8*16cm

Packing list: lamp, installation accessories package, installation instructions.


1.Mark the installing position where you want to mount light according to your power supply layout.

2. Mark the drilling positions, drilling mounting holes.

3. Fix the bracket plate on your wall or headboard and attach the light with screws on the plate and fix it well.

  • [FOCUSED ILLUMINATION] -Warm white soft Light Narrow beam produces a footprint lighting area on your reading page to read by without lighting up whole bedroom, don't disturb your partner.
  • [DIRECTIONAL LIGHTING] - 12" flexible arm Hose The easy to position flexible goose neck point the light directly to reading material so as to suit different sit or lie posture in bed for comfortable reading.
  • [ON/OFF SWITCH] - Simple touch lamp holder base switch to turn on or turn off light,easy to turn on or turn down the lamp.
  • [COMFORTABLE SOFT LIGHT] -3Watt Warm light gives a cozy feeling. We normally use relaxing light in bedroom, it stimulates your eyes to relax more easily compared to cool white light.
  • [MINIMALIST DESIGN LAMP] - Wall mount or headboard surface mount gives you a clean and neat surrounding.AC110V Plug-In cord to start work.