EcoGecko 6 Inches Wax MoonSphere LED Flameless Candle with 5 Hour Timer (87002)

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Brand : Unilution Inc.
UPC : 011747265126

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The candle spheres are made of real wax, and poured in such a way giving the candle beautiful texture. The texture and design resemble a golden glowing moon adding warmth and interest to any room. It has a built in 5 hour timer switch, simple turn it to timer at the time you want it to come on, and 5 hours later it will turn off by itself. On consecutive nights it will come on and off automatically. Not only does it look beautiful by itself, pair it with our 5" and 6" spheres for a dramatic showing. They look great sitting on a table, or perch them atop candle sticks for an interesting, unique look all your own. Flameless candles are flame free, smoke free, and worry free, so no fear around kids and pets. And because it's flameless, you can practically use it anywhere.

  • It is a unique new design
  • It have built-in auto on/off timer feature (5 hours on, 19 hours off)
  • It gives high quality dramatic look
  • The LED bulbs lasts for 100,000 hours
  • LED Bulbs last 100,000 hours