EATON Wiring 3533-4A-L Flush Mount Mid Size Wall Plate with Telephone Jack 4-Conductor, Almond

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Brand : Eaton
UPC : 032664556357

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Product Description:

This mid size telephone jack with flush mount wallplate 4-conductor are ideal in homes and offices, where service connection points are nearly as important as media distribution itself. It is for use in category 3 RJ11, RJ14 and RJ25 applications. 100-percent computer tested to assure consistent high quality and reliable performance. Terminals and wire are color-notched for easy wiring. It is for 625B4 screw terminals only. Available in almond color. Whether a homes style is traditional, modern, casual, cozy or rustic, it will demand more from wiring devices than in years past. Cooper Wiring Devices is dedicated to providing the up-to-date wiring device solutions; solutions that increase energy efficiency, increase productivity, promote safety at work and in the home, and produce reliable performance. Cooper Wiring Devices is a trusted name in electrical products for over 175-years.