DURALENS Lighting Panel Acrylic Cover - 2x4 Clear - Cracked Ice - 2 ft. x 4 ft. - 5 Pack Fluorescent Light Covers for Kitchen

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DURALENS Lighting Panels are premium acrylic lighting panels designed to soften harsh fluorescent light to create visual comfort. DURALENS offers a high level of efficiency while providing excellent visual comfort and uniform surface appearance. Virtually unbreakable, non-yellowing, lightweight, easy to cut with common tools, easy to install, and will fit most common drop-in fluorescent light applications.

Actual panel size: 23.75" x 47.75" (603.25mm x 1212.85mm)

Common Uses:
Kitchen fluorescent light cover
Flat light replacement lens

Easy to Clean
Clean DURLENS lighting panels with a mild soap solution, or a commercially available plastic cleaner, and a lint free cloth. Avoid cleaners containing ammonia or alcohol.

  • FLUORESCENT LIGHT COVERS - Durable acrylic light cover for ceiling light panels
  • QUICK LIGHTING REPLACEMENT - Easy to install, will fit most common drop-in fluorescent light, or LED panel light panel fixtures
  • EASY TO CUT - common hand tools
  • NO YELLOWING - UV stabilization protects sheets from yellowing