Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers - Stained Glass 11 - Blue Pearl (47 3/4 x 23 3/4)

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Brand : Fluorescent Gallery
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Augment the practical benefits of fluorescent and LED lighting with the artistic and stylish visual qualities found in fine lighting decor. Fluorescent Gallery Decorative Light Covers are a quality lighting upgrade for fluorescent and LED recessed lights, and provide a significant contribution to the overall style of any establishment, including homes, restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, salons, hotels, offices, and more...

***VERY IMPORTANT - HOW TO MEASURE***: Please take the time to measure carefully. The best measurement is of a currently installed panel, assuming it fits correctly in the frame. Or, measure the visual light opening (where you see the current panel), plus a minimum of 3/8" completely around the perimeter of the panel for the proper support without being too tight. If your measurements don't fit one of the sizes offered, we can custom print to your size - visit our website.

RETURN POLICY: Panels are produced specifically for you. Only two panels are eligible for return for credit or refund. Up to 4 panels of the same design may be exchanged for a different design. Panels ordered in the wrong size are not returnable - see above measuring instructions.

  • Upgrading your fluorescent/LED light covers to something beautifully decorative is this simple. Softer light and reduced glare are just added bonuses.
  • We produce high resolution decorative panels on the highest quality acrylic (not backlit film) and print processes available. They replace flat diffusers only and, if measured correctly, are flexible enough to insert into most fixtures.
  • STAINED GLASS 11 - BLUE PEARL: Our top selling stained glass print with blue. Acrylic thickness: .060". Brightness level: Best for kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms requiring the brightest light.
  • With Fluorescent Gallery panels, your investment is long term - no discoloring or becoming brittle.
  • ***ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS ARE REQUIRED*** Always double check - see more product details below.