Da by Flameless Candle 5" 6" 7" 8" 9" Set of 5 Realistic Dancing LED Flickering Wick for Parties,Home,Public Elegant Events, Battery Powered, 10-Key Remote Control, Ivory Color

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Brand : Da by
UPC : 614993984720

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Real Flame-effect Candles
These dancing candles are so realistic that practically indistinguishable from traditional burning candles.
Flame simulation technology makes the candles flicker and sway like dancing with the wind, brings the most realistic experience to any room.

Real Wax & Elegant Design
The candle shell is made from paraffin wax however there is no burning wick, smoke or messy dripping wax. They are perfect for places like bookshelves and bedrooms.
Smooth finish, classic ivory color and elegant design, use the Real Flame-effect Candles in locations where you would use real candles.

How to illuminating the Candle
Move the OFF-ON switch on the bottom to ON. The candle will illuminate until you manually move the switch to OFF.
ON-OFF button: Illuminating the Candle On=Off (Note:Before you use the Remote Control, switch the ON-OFF button to ON at the bottom of the LED candles).
TIMER: set On/Off Automatic Time feature, set to 2Hours/4Hours/6Hours/8Hours.
Mode: Candle-Non-Moving Flame;Light-Moving Flame.
Brightness Control: Left button to lower the brightness Right button to increase brightness.

Package Included
- 1 x LED Candles (Size: D 2.2" x H 5")
- 1 x LED Candles (Size: D 2.2" x H 6")
- 1 x LED Candles (Size: D 2.2" x H 7")
- 1 x LED Candles (Size: D 2.2" x H 8")
- 1 x LED Candles (Size: D 2.2" x H 9")
- 1 x Remote Control

More Tips:
1. This candle is made of real wax and is flammable. Do not attempt to light this candle.
2. Keep out of direct sunlight, away from heat sources and out of extreme temperatures or your candle may soften or melt.
3. Constant use of the timer however may considerably reduce battery life.

  • SUPER LONG BATTERY LIFE : The battery candles are operated by 2 x AA battery with Flickering effect.(battery not include), batteries are expected to last for about 350 hours Far more than the use of AAA batteries candles . ENERGY SAVING, POWERFUL LEDS and the candle itself will last up to 50,000 hours.
  • MAIN MATERIAL: paraffin. Light color: Ivory white
  • SPECIFICATIONS - Candle sizes Sets of 5"6"7"8"9"Battery Candles (each 2.2" diameter), User Manual x1,Remote controlx1 .
  • SAFETY COMES FIRST These Battery candles give you a realistic appearance without the fire hazards, smoke or messy dripping wax.
  • THE PERFECT DECORATING It can be widely applied to Birthday, Christmas, Home decorations, Bars, Hotel, Parties, Holidays, Wedding, or other occasions.