CVC Flameless Candle Set with Timers - Battery-Operated White Candles - 1.75" Votives with Individual 6-Hour Timers - Boxed Set of 6

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Brand : CVC - EG
UPC : 820103124119


The Best Flameless, Flickering Fragrance-free Replaceable Battery Votive Candles with 6-hour Timers, LightYour World!

Enjoy Calming Candlelight without smoke, smell, fire and melted wax!
- Do you love candles, but worry about your children, pets, plants or home being burned?
- Do you hate the smell, mess, fragrance, smoke, soot?
- Have you ever been burnt by or spilled hot candle wax?
- Do you want to have an outdoor party with candles, but worry that wind or moisture would put out candles?

Calming Votive Candles provide the pleasant experience and ambiance of real candles without the problems and bother
- Our customers remark on the tranquility, romance and peacefulness they feel when using our candles
-Our manufacturer has been making electronic light products for clients all over the world

Looking at what is available in replaceable battery candles and you will see these are the best, most realistic votive LED candles you can buy
- Individual 6-hour timers provide a perfect length of time: not too short and not too long
- These are safe: you cannot get burned by flame or hot wax. Small children cannot put this size candle into their mouth or open the battery compartment latch
- Can be used in rituals and ceremonies
- Are used by restaurants and caterers for events, parties, weddings for decorating, table settings, favors
- Can be used as nightlights and in your emergency or earthquake survival kit

There are a limited number of sets available: click the yellow Add to Cart to get your candles now!

  • Öę BE SAFE from FIRES started by out of control candle flames: PROTECT your home, family and pets from candle fires and still have candle lighting!
  • ÖČ Each candle comes with a replaceable CR-2032 battery and can be turned on and off or use the 6-hour automatic timer.
  • ÖČÖę REALISTIC, SWEET, CHARMING, CUTE and just the right size: can be used as LED tealights or votives, alone or in holders, sconces, chandeliers, lanterns.... You deserve the BEST flameless candle design available today!
  • ÖęÖę ROMANCE, LOVE and ambiance without fire, smoke, soot, asthma.
  • ÖČÖČ LIGHT UP EVERYWHERE: home (bookshelves, mantels, enclosed cases), travel (hotel room and bathroom), church, rituals, ceremonies, parties, restaurants, events.... These candles will NOT MELT or get HOT. QUANTITY DISCOUNT below: Great gifts for family, mom, sis, aunt, grandmother, friend, neighbor.