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Brand : Periscope
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Whether you are reading a Hardcover or Mass Market paperback, our Deluxe Reader's Gift Set will protect and light your book so you can read comfortably whenever and wherever you are. And it will protect your privacy even if you're reading on a plane or commuting by train or bus. No need to plan ahead by remembering to pack a reading light. Periscope's patented wide-angle ultra-bright LED lights both pages top to bottom. Retractable light stores in the bookcover. Simply pull up the light and adjust the arm to put the light where you want it, without disturbing the person sitting or sleeping next to you. Lightweight polyester canvas covers are easy to wipe clean, and protect your books. Gift Set includes 2 bookcovers (one for mass market paperbacks and a larger cover for hardcover and softcover books), and 1 Periscope LED light that moves easily from cover to cover. Uses 3 'AA' batteries (not included). Expected battery life is over 40+ hours, making it ideal for camping or power emergency situations and as well as reading at home or traveling. Available in Black and Red.

  • Deluxe Reader's Gift Set includes 2 bookcovers, one for Mass Market Paperbacks, and a larger cover for Hardcover and larger Softcover books, and Bibles.
  • Set includes 1 Periscope LED reading light that quickly transfers from one bookcover to the other.
  • Retractable light stores in the bookcover with the book you are reading. No need to remember to pack a separate light.
  • Bookmark is built-into each cover.
  • Wide Angle, Twin Ultra-Bright LEDs light both pages of your book top to bottom.