Clip on Lamp, USB Charging Desk LED Rechargeable Book Light, Portable Desk Lamp with Eye Protection for Bedroom Study Office

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Brand : SHCOJA
UPC : 192278090040


Widely used Reading in camping, traveling, on the trees, in a sofa corner,
or under a blanket, anywhere you want.

Easy operation Adjustable brightness by holding finger down on the lamp base,
easy to operate. Ideal for reading, writing, or working on the computer at night.

Charging TimeNo less than 3 hours by the USB cord (included).

Discharging TimeAbout 10 hours for 25% brightness, 6 hours for 50% brightness,
and 3.5 hours for 100% brightness.

Package includes
1 * LED clip reading lamp
1 * USB charging cable (not included adapter)
1 * User Manual

NoteDont use it when the battery is charging to protect its performance of the
battery and lifetime
it comes with a usb cable which can be connected with your notebook PC USB,
Mobile phone adapter etc.

  • ˜†Great ABS material with Eco silicon. No flash, no radiation, 16 LED beads, save energy , soft lighting better caring for eyes.
  • ˜†Build-in 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery with overload protection, long discharge time. Safely using when charging by adaptor, computer, power bank.
  • ˜†360 degree rotatable, flexible, best mate for bed reading, suitable for clipping onto board within 2.36inch. Comfortable reading and lighting, save space as well.
  • ˜†Silicon Anti-slip mat under the base of the lamp and inside the clip, easy stand-able and clip onto the board.
  • ˜†3 Levels Of Adjustable Brightness: Low bright is ideal as your Night light while High brightness is suitable for reading and studying