Candle Impressions Real Wax Flameless Hurricane LED Candle Gift Set - Includes Timer, Batteries and Gift Boxes - 3 Gift Set Trios (9 LED Candles Total)

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Brand : Candle Impressions
UPC : 683615347953

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Includes 9 unscented real wax mini hurricane flameless LED candles with timer feature, pre-installed CR2450 batteries and gift boxes. With 3 complete sets you will always be ready with the perfect gift for Christmas, housewarming parties and other gift-worthy occasions.

Each gift set trio includes one smooth candle (red), one lattice-embossed candle (light green) and one scroll-embossed candle (white). Each candle measures 2"H x 2-1/4"W. With the optional 5-hour timer feature, the candles can be set to come on the same time each day and will provide up to 500 hours of glow time with the pre-installed CR2450 batteries (included).

Why Candle Impressions?
Not all flameless candles are created equally. Candle Impressions has been the best selling brand of flameless candles since inventing the very first LED candle in 2003. Whether under the Candle Impressions brand or private-labeled, these products are sold by QVC, Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target and many other discerning retailers across the country. Here are the features that make Candle Impressions the best flameless candles in the world:

Patented Realistic Wick Design
Pick the wick! Only Candle Impressions can conceal the LED lightbulb and have a realistic wick on top. Flashing light bulbs sticking out of the top of your candle make them stand out as fake novelty items.

Proprietary Flicker
The most realistic flicker in the industry, designed in-house and not available anywhere else. Enjoy hours of rolling flicker without the jarring and jerky flicker of imitation products.

Longest Battery Run Times
The longer your battery lasts, the more economical your product is to use throughout the year. On average, Candle Impressions products last up to 10x longer than the competition.

  • 9 FLAMELESS HURRICANE CANDLES - Includes 9 unscented real wax hurricane flameless LED candles with timer feature, pre-installed CR2450 batteries and gift boxes
  • Includes 3x red smooth candles, 3x light green lattice-embossed candles and 3x white scroll-embossed candles. Each candle measures 2"H x 2-1/4"W
  • AUTO TIMER FEATURE - Set your candles once, and have them turn on and off automatically every day at the same time (5-hour on/19-hour off)
  • BEST GLOW TIME - With the included timer function and up to 500 hours glow time per battery you can effortlessly enjoy warm candle light throughout your entire home