Candle Choice Battery Operated LED Pumpkin Lights with Remote and Timer Bright Realistic Flickering Decorative Flameless Candles for Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Decor Party Decorations White Color 2 Pack

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Brand : Jintech
UPC : 6959145814697


These LED pumpkin lights are specially designed for your Halloween pumpkin decorations. By using a remote control, you can turn them on and off or change settings from up to 20 feet away. They are flameless and will never burn your pumpkins. They are battery-operated and will never be blown out by wind. Compared to the real wax candles, these plastic battery operated LED candles lights are safe to use with, especially when you have children and pets at home. Each package includes two battery LED lights for Jack-O-Lantern and one remote control.

1.Material: Plastic.
2.Shape: Round doom.
3.Size: 2.6" in diameter, 1" in height.
4.Color: White.
5.Light color: Amber.
6.Battery required: 3 AAA (not included).

  • 🎃Specially designed Halloween decorative light to light up a Jack-O'-Lantern. The bright LED light can be used inside both a real pumpkin and other fake pumpkin, such as a ceramic pumpkin, a plastic pumpkin.
  • 🎃Battery operated and flameless LED light, will never burn your pumpkins and never be blown out by wind. No risk of fire and safe around home, kids and pets.
  • 🎃Easy and fun to use with a remote. With a remote control, you can operate the LED pumpkin candle light from up to 20 feet away. Is it a fun for children?
  • 🎃Easy to use with timer. Four auto-on auto-off daily cycle timers are available. You can set the timer and let the pumpkin lights turn on and off automatically every day. Save the troubles of turning on and off battery candle lights manually.
  • 🎃A unique Halloween gift. This Halloween decorative LED light is a perfect gift choice for your holiday season.