C9 Led Replacement Light Bulbs: Box Of 25 Faceted Christmas Lights, Indoor Or Outdoor, Commercial Grade, 5 Diodes, E17 Base (Blue)

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Brand : Jcl
UPC : 601133245858

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This is a box of 25 "Super Bright" Blue C9 LED retrograde Christmas light replacement bulbs. Each of our C9 bulbs have 5 LED's (light emitting diodes), as opposed to most of our competitors C9 products, which only have 1 or 3 diodes. Because of this, our bulbs are very bright, and you will not be disappointed! These are premium replacement bulbs that fit into a standard E17 socket and can last up to 100,000 hours either indoor or outdoor. Each bulb emits about .96 watts, which is about 80-95% less than your traditional incandescent bulb. If you want to outdo your neighbor's display, these bulbs are a great start!
“ 5 "Super Bright" diodes in each bulb for superior brightness*“ Weather Resistant! Great for Patios and outdoor or indoor decoration*“ Energy Efficient .96 watts per bulbs reduce power up to 90% from traditional bulbs*“ Nickel plated E17 bases prevent corrosion and improve electrical connectivity*“ Bulb Lifespan of up to 100,000 hours! Faceted acrylic bulb casings that are nearly unbreakable