Byingo 12W Dimmable Touch Sensor Switch LED Reading Floor Lamp - Modern Simplicity Style - 4 Color Modes Stepless Dimming - Fully Adjustable Long Gooseneck, for Sofa/Desk Reading, Living Room, Bedroom

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Brand : Byingo
UPC : 653472959903

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Innovation for Your Comfort
Offers a quality of pure (without UV) and natural (CRI 85) light. Its antiflicker and glare system, protects your eyes and thus significantly reduces feelings of fatigue, while ensuring optimum illumination field.

An Ecological Gesture
With a lifespan of 30000h, an outstanding energy efficiency of 12W/600lm, saves 80% energy compared to an incandescent lighting for the same brightness.

Stepless DIMM at Your Fingertip
One touch to turn on and off with the Sense touch control. Too much light or not enough? No more preprogrammed levels! A long press then Stepless DIMM technology is activated to offer up to 80 different luminances, rich and accurate as you wish.

Noble Material and Sleek Design
Uses extruded anodized Duralium, an aluminum superalloy used in advanced technology and aeronautics, where lightness and robustness are key. Chrome steel joints and controls highlight its elegant lines.

Smart and Handy
360� Rotatable, variable inclination, orientatable, foldable, flexible in any direction, can be positioned exactly the way you want and offers you unlimited possibilities of configuration. Its modular structure allows you to assemble/dissemble its components in few seconds.

  • 2 in 1 Touch controls to power on/off and adjust the light intensity gradually without levels: endless possible settings, the last brightness setting will be stored in memory for your next use. Temperature of light: 4 modes from warm white to cold white variable.
  • Energy saving LED floor lamp, only 12W but output higher brightness in lighting, 5 times less of consumption than normal lamps, low consumption, environmentally friendly, very long lifetime of 30000 hours.
  • Variable size/height, base and parts easily dissembled/assembled in few seconds. Modern and compact design, simple and elegant, adjustable inclination, head of lamp 360� rotatable, easy to use, perfect for the living room, bedrooms, office, for reading or work.
  • Lamp completely made of aluminium metal (glossy anodized duralium) lightweight and robust.
  • Certified light quality with photobiological safety standard, guaranteed no UV, no flicker, no glare, avoids fatigue and protects your eyes.
  • Color Available:Black