Brightech Orion LED 3 Arc Floor Lamp Standing, Modern Very Bright Reading Light For Living Rooms, Family Rooms, Dens 1,350 Lumens - Satin Nickel

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Brand : Brightech
UPC : 854403007179


Embrace the cosmos with Brightech's dramatic 3headed lamp, the Orion LED Floor Lamp. Named for a constellation in the night sky, this visually striking, TALL floor lamp beams brightly with circles of embedded LED lights within outward facing fixtures at the top of curved metal stalks.

Sprouting up from a central pole, the 3 heads curve at different heights, each one slightly taller than the one before. A halfinch in diameter, the individual stems curve to heights ranging between 35 and 46 inches. The Orion heads bobble and sway with around an inch or so of space between them scattering light from the "stars" all around your living room! The pole is 38 inches long by 2 inches in diameter. Once fully assembled, the Orion stands 71.6 inches or just under 6 feet. High ceilings a must!! The heavily weighted base circles nearly a foot in diameter and is best on carpets or area rugs. Placement on carpet not advised.Elegant and trim in a satin nickel finish or in an Oil Brushed Bronze, the Orion blazes brightly with a total of 1,350 lumens (450 per lamp head), but because they're LED lights, they stay cool to the touch and never overheat a room; and they will use very little energy during their 20year (or so) lifespan, giving you years of savings. Each head draws only 4.5 watts, for a total of 13.5 watts, compared to the high intake of heatproducing incandescent bulbs! Please note that the lamp cannot be dimmed; it always operates at FULL intensity.The Orion arrives in a securely packaged outer box and a protective inner cardboard box sheaths the components in Styrofoam and plastic. A page of diagrammed instructions sets you on your way, and all the tools you'll need are included in the box: an Allen wrench, a second, larger wrench with heads on both ends, a single screw, and 3 round pieces of metal. While not difficult, the assembly may take 30 minutes or longer depending on your pace.
  • BRING THE COSMOS HOME: Like a constellation in the night sky, Brightech's Orion LED Floor Lamp evokes the celestial beauty of its namesake. This scifi inspired lamp has 3 heads curling at varying heights from a central base. The individual metal stems bloom with outwardfacing LED "petals" that are mesmerizingly bright. It's like bringing the stars inside!
  • SPLENDID FOR ROOMS WITH HIGH CEILINGS: The tallest of the 3 Orion heads curves 46 inches high with a halfinch diameter; the shortest reaches 35 inches. Once the lights of Orion are perched on their stand, the assembled lamp stands nearly 6 feet tall! The heads bobble and sway whimsically, so have plenty of open space around them
  • UNBEATABLE LED ENERGYEFFICIENCE: This illuminating conversation piece will delight your guests and save on your electric bill for the next 20 years. Each LED head draws only 4.5 watts, for a total of 13.5 watts. The circular orbs of embedded LEDs burn brightly for hours while staying cool to the touch. Each Orion produces 450 Lumens, for an ultrabright total of 1,350 and a color temperature of 3,000 Kelvin. (Lamp is not dimmable.)
  • NEUTRAL METAL TONES PAIR WELL IN ANY COLOR SCHEME: Available in sleek satin nickel or Oil Brushed Bronze, the stems of Orion will blend in naturally amid contemporary, futurist, industrial chic, or minimalist decorchoices. The heavy weighted base measures 1 foot in diameter and situates best on carpets or area rugs. Twoprong electric plug works in standard 110120 volt outlets. All assembly tools are included in the box.
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