Brightech Contour Flex LED Floor Lamp for Reading, Crafts & Office Tasks Adjustable Gooseneck & Bright, Dimmable Light Goes Beside Living Room Sofa- Contemporary Minimalist Pole Light - Black

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Brand : Brightech
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Standing 60 inches in height when fully extended vertically, Brightech's Contour Flex LED Reading Floor Lamp boasts the added advantage of EverBrite Technology. Your lamp burns brighter, longer, and smarter. Our builtin LED lighting fixture endures for more than 20 years and never loses the full spectrum impact of its brightest setting. Throughout the lifespan of this lamp, you'll never need to replace the energysaving 9watt bulb. Unlike incandescent table lamps, the LED Contour Flex doesn't generate heat; it stays safely cool to the touch, even after being on for several hours.

Designed with a reader's needs in mind, this LED lamp with an adjustable gooseneck produces a bright, crisp light that makes it easier to see fine print clearly. The versatility of your new floor lamp makes it indispensable for bedside reading. You can contour the lamp head 360 degrees in any direction, shining it directly on a book or magazine and away from your slumbering spouse. You'll find the on/off switch on the lamp's colorful red power cord, and best of all, there's a builtin rotary dimmer dial for softening or intensifying the light. For example, if you have the floor lamp in your living room, you'll discover how easy it is to reach down from your armchair to adjust the dimmer switch.

Because of the Contour Flex Reading Lamp's slender, ultramodern design, it positions unobtrusively into any corner of your study, craft room, or townhouse. An ultraslim, allwhite body connects a weighted round base to a shaded orblike light source in this futuristically minimalist LED floor lamp. The base slides conveniently under a nightstand or desk. Foam on the base prevents scratching of hardwood floors. The adjustable gooseneck stays in place without drooping, as the enclosed LED fixture beams bright white light for thousands of enjoyable hours.

  • BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT IDEAL FOR HOBBIES, READING & PROFESSIONAL USE: Use the Brightech Contour Flex for your books and fine print, sewing, knitting, arts, crafts, woodworking, and hobbies brightly and efficiently. Cool white light (5,000K) provides strong contrast, great for precision work (e.g. painting mini models, sewing black thread on black material, esthetician work).
  • USE THE GOOSE NECK TO DIRECT LIGHT INTO YOUR ARMCHAIR: Place the Brightech Contour Flex beside the couch to light up the novel or cross stitch you're holding in your lap. Use the flexible yet sturdy gooseneck to position the light perfectly. Once in place, it stays put. It stands up about 5 feet tall (fully erect) and is lightweight so that you can move it easily.
  • DIMMABLE BUILT IN LED HAS 20 YEAR LIFE, SAVES ENERGY, STAYS COOL: The built in dimmer switch gives you flexibility to choose from task or mood lighting. The integrated 9 watt LED light saves money vs energy wasting halogen, incandescent or compact fluorescent (CFL) lights. The LED technology also lasts 20,000 hours (20 years' normal use), and stays cool to the touch.
  • SAFE AROUND KIDS & PETS: Its weighted base & sturdy design make it wobble free and safe to have around children and pets because it will not easily tip. Since it generates hardly any heat, even holding it directly won't burn your hand. Height: 5 feet tall.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED WARRANTY: Our goal at Brightech is to provide creative, innovative, and beautiful lighting so that everyone can have quality, high end lighting in their home and office. We proudly stand behind all of our products 100%. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us because our number one goal is customer satisfaction and we are committed to making it right for you.
  • Color Available:Black