Book Light,Oliomp LED Clip Reading Lamp USB Rechargeable Tough Switch 4 Levels Adjustable Brightness Flexible Light Multifunctional as Bookmark Desk& Bed Lamp for Reading with Book Kindle iPad

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Brand : Oliomp
UPC : 606814458039

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Size9.48*1.57*0.3 inches
Weight1.95 oz
Current: 150mAh
Brightness: 4 Level Adjustable
Brightness: 8 lumen
Power supply: 150mA Polymer Li-ion Battery (include)
Indicator Light: Red light on=charging / light off=fully charged


1.It is eye-protective.With no-strobe LED light,it could protect your eyes. With 4 gears of adjustable brightness,you could switch to suitable brightness as needed.
2.The reading lamp is flexible,rubber-coached and durable.It could be folded and crooked to any angle you want.
3.It is suitable for reading at night.Perfect for being used on planes,trains and automobiles as well as at the house or any other occasions where high quality reading is required.
4. The size of the reading lamp is small,so it is convenient for you to carry or put it beside your pillow.When it is fixed to your book,because of the slight weight,you could even not feel its existence.Free from pressure.
5.The reading lamp is supplied by rechargeable battery whose service life is twice as the common one, so it is money saving.
6.Multifunctional.The clamp is detachable, so it is convenient for you to fix it on the book.When you detach the clamp,the lamp could be used as a bookmark.


How to choose an eye-protective lamp?
The best desk lamp could provide:
1. Different lighting modes to content your different needs for different situations.
2. No-flickering lighting which could protect your eyes.
3. Dimmable LED lightning that reduces eye-strain by providing uniform light without flickering or ghosting.
4. Angle adjustment which gives you comfortable reading experience.

  • ULTRA PORTABLE,FLEXIBLE,LIGHTWEIGHT,MULTIFUNCTIONAL. Only 1.95 oz, Small in size,so convenient to carry or put on the bedside. Soft plastic bracket. 360 Completely flexible body for adjusting the angle. Also the lamp could be used as a bookmark
  • EYE-FRIENDLY LED PANEL AND FOUR LEVEL BRIGHTNESS. 4 gears of adjustable brightness. This will prevent you fatiguing your eyes or disturbing others. All to help reduce eye strain while reading, working or studying, protecting eyesight of all users
  • RECHARGEABLE AND STURDY.Rechargeable battery, economical and environmentally friendly.30 minutes charge in full and will last for long time. The book light can be rechargeable by just plug into the power bank or laptop without an addition cable
  • DURABLE & FLEXIBLE.Because of the sturdy material,the reading lamp could be folded and crooked to any angle you want.The LED panel will last over 50,000 hrs (no splash screen, not dazzling, take good care of your eyes)
  • DETACHABLE CLAMP.With the detachable clamp,it is convenient for you to fix it on the book or Kindle.When you detach the clamp,the lamp could be used as a bookmark.Easy to use, right out of the box. Clip it on, Turn it on and you're ready to go