Book Light Folding Portable Table lamp, LED lamp USB Rechargeable lamp, Decorative Children's Bed lamp Desktop

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Brand : anmido
UPC : 610825726070

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Book light folding portable table lamp, novel LED lamp with USB rechargeable, decorative / desktop / wall magnetic lamp, book type LED night light, multicolor

  • Portable book light: It only requires USB charging. It comes with a USB cable that can be connected to a computer or charger. When you open its lid, it glows until you close it.
  • Perfect design: a variety of different lighting colors, white, green, blue, red changes! Best fixtures for home and office decoration
  • Foldable: It can be folded back or folded to project light around 360 degrees. You can also put it on a table or on the ground without worrying about the trouble of the wires.
  • Convenient: Durable, efficient lighting Built-in lithium-ion battery provides up to 4-5 hours of illumination on a single charge; easy to use, just turn it on, the light will work automatically and the color will change.
  • Lightweight: A simple look is like an ordinary book is actually a kind of light. When you open the lid, whether you are outdoors or indoors, it can provide you with the extra light you need, using a compact book light, very portable.