BoNew-Oral 10W LED Whitening Light lamp 2300mw/cm2 YS-B from USA

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Brand : BoNew
UPC : 603307885303

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Installation Instructions:
Please follow the below
1.Plug the charger to the net power socket, the indicator light is on.
2.Put the charge socket on a horizontal plane, connect with the charger pin the indicator light is on.
3.Put the Curing Light into the charger socket.

1.Product introduction
2.Standard accessories
3. Technical parameters
4. Installation instruction
5. Precaution
6. Storage introduction
7. Structure and parts
8. Maintenance
9. After service
10. Electric connection figure
11. Malfunction and resolvent

  • Power voltage AC100240V 5060Hz
  • Input power 10W
  • Light intensity 2300mw/cm
  • Wavelength 400500nm
  • Model and signification Model YSB