BONEW 300W Dental Floor Type LED Teeth Whitening Light Lamp with 5W LED Cure Light w/5 Goggles

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Brand : BONEW
UPC : 606895022259

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Product Description:

Input power: 100-240v, 50/60Hz
Power :300W
Light resource: 6 pcs high power LED
Wave length: 420-480nm
Light intensity: 2 intensities maximum>6000 mw/cm2
Adjustable timer: 1-20MIN
1Mine floor type light
1Purple LED light lamp
5 Goggles

  • Simple, light, easy to install and portable based with wheel design.
  • With 6 pcs high power LED, fan-cooled.
  • 1-20 minutes adjustable timer, 2 light intensities
  • LED screen shows all the information. All the operation is so easy