Battery Operated LED Votive Candles with Timer Realistic Flickering Timing Flameless Tea Lights Set Bulk Electric Fake Night Candle Lights for Valentine's Day Easter Wedding Party Decorations 6 Pack

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Brand : YINCHI
UPC : 6959145812051

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Decorative battery operated flameless LED votive candles and tea lights are widely used, for dining table, room, kitchen, home, garden, yard, patio decor, and wedding, party, holiday, seasonal, festival, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year decorations. For example, these plastic electric candles can be used as centerpieces to decorate your wedding tables, or Christmas parties. Decorative LED night lights are safe to use with, don't worry about the risk of fire. In addition, these LED candle set is a great gift for Thanksgiving, Xmas, New Year and the whole holiday season.

1. Material: plastic.
2. Shape: votive with waved edge and drips.
3. Size: 1.7" in diameter, 2" in height.
4. Appearance color: ivory.
5. Light color: warm white.
6. Package quantity: 6.
7. Battery required: CR2032 button cell (included).

  • 6-hour daily cycle timer. Once the LED votive candles are turned on, they stay on for 6 hours and then turn off automatically for the next 18 hours. The auto timer function saves the troubles of turning on and off these flameless candles manually every day.
  • Ideal for home decorations. Battery powered flameless LED candle lights can be used widely to decorate your dining table, room, garden, kitchen, patio, yard and so on. These electrical votive / tea light candles are your first choice of decorative lights, for holiday, seasonal, Thanksgiving, Christmas New Year decor and party, event, festival, wedding decorations.
  • Realistic look and flicker. These top quality battery votive candles / tea lights are made of plastic but have real wax appearance. The small resin candles flicker like real candles and give off soft glowing light.
  • Long lasting battery candles. 200 glowing hours on one CR2032 button cell is among the longest battery life in the market. With the energy saving technology, the LED candles give off bright light on minimum battery consumption.
  • Safe and eco-friendly. No risk of fire, no fume. Battery powered LED candle lights are safe to use with, especially when you have kids and pets at home.