ASD 50W LED Wall Pack Light with Photocell, Outdoor Commercial Lighting Fixture, 5800lm, 200-250W MH/HPS Replacement, 4000K (Bright White), UL and DLC

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Brand : ASD
UPC : 819201021505

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ASD LED Wall Packs feature leading-edge optics that increase light output and reduce shadows to create safe, brightly-lit outdoor environments in parking garages and entrances, schools, hospitals, hotels, public areas and outdoor walkways nationwide. Our LED wallpacks are designed to replace up to a 400W metal halide producing an abundance of light with a fraction of the power. Optional shield will help to minimize blue light emissions and light the area that needs it.

  • EASY TO INSTALL: Very simple installation process, you will need only four screws (coming with a fixture), installation will take about 20 mintues. The fixtures are very light and can be easily installed by one person.
  • PHOTOCELL: built-in dusk to dawn photocell sensor will allow the light to turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn, thus saving even more energy as your lights will not run for extra hours
  • PERFECT FOR ANY OUTDOOR LOCATION: being IP65 wet rated, these LED Wall Pack lights are ideal for outdoor lighting. Use these LED wall packs for landscapes, residential, retail complexes, flood lighting, alleys, loading docks, pathways, entrances, and parking areas. These lights are also great for public buildings, including hospitals, universities, and schools.
  • SAVE UP TO 80% ON ENERGY BILLS + $0 MAINTENANCE COSTS: this 50W fixture can replace your old 200-250W MH/HPS unit, which can cut your energy consumption for the outdoor fixtures 4-5 times compared to what you have. The fixtures will not only be brighter and give more light, but will also pay for themselves super-fast both through energy savings and labor costs - the fixtures do not require any maintenance