Artiva USA LED9322F Multi-Function 31" Full Spectrum LED Magnifying Floor Lamp with Caster, 31 inches, White

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Brand : Artiva USA
UPC : 611359503892

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This MultiPurpose Energy Saving Full Spectrum 61"H LED Magnifying task Floor lamp by Artiva USA has 5X(5 Diopter) Magnifying power 225% larger image and offer fine detail with excellent clarity. The lens rotates 360 degrees and adjust up and down 180 degrees. Featuring 56 pieces super bright LED . 650 lumens, 60 watts replacement use only 8W of electricity. Compare to 60 watt lamp. This Artiva LED lamp will save you over $12 of off your electricity bill every year. (base on 6 hrs. of usage per day and 11 cents per kilowatt. Perfect Natural Full spectrum 6000K Natural white Reading Light.

  • 5X (Diopter) 225% magnifying power for art and craft, sewing and other hobbies
  • Full spectrum 6000K natural LED White light, perfect light for reading and reduce eye strain
  • Heavy duty weighted base allow you to direct the light anywhere you want with ease and without worry about tipping over
  • 56 Super Bright LED's bulbs included. Never burn out again(last over 20 years base on 3 hrs. usage per day). Never over heat again
  • 60 watts replacement use only 8 watts of electricity
  • Color Available:White