Artiva USA LED602109FBT Luce LED Arched Floor Lamp, 84 inches, Antique Bronze

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Brand : Artiva USA
UPC : 813261010097

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Product Description:

Luce" by Artiva USA is an excellent match for modern and contemporary decors and shows off it beauty of simple designs. The arched curved design adds a soft note to your decor. Standing over 7 feet, the fixture has statuesque appearance and draws your attention. This adjustable arch (left or right only) LED floor lamp direct the light wherever you need it and creates just the right atmosphere with convenient, energy efficient dimmer switch. Lumiere provides ample lighting suitable for reading, writing or create a spot light in the setting, behind the couch, corner light or center piece lighting for your living room. This LED lamp feature three true 360-degree view LED filament bulbs exclusively with Artiva arch lamp. 3000 lumens uses only 24 watts of electricity. Beautiful Antique Bronze finish with adjustable premium tan shade (11.5"D)

  • Exclusive dimmable LED, three true 360-degree view filament bulb included
  • Compare to regular 200W bulb, This Artiva lamp will save over $40 each year of your electricity bill (base on 6-hrs per day usage and 11 cents per kilowatt)
  • 3000 lumens (200W replacement used only 24W of electricity
  • Beautiful Antique Bronze finish with large adjustable Tan shade (11.5"DIA)
  • Featuring exclusive LED dimmer switch