Artiva USA LED501104FC Charlotte 61" 2-Light LED Silver Textured Shade Floor Lamp W/Bubbles Glass Balls Dimmer, 61 inches, Chrome

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Brand : Artiva USA
UPC : 611359503915

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Charlotte" is the latest LED floor lamp from Artiva USA. With its modern silver textured silk shade and modern Chrome finish with hanging drops of crystal clear bubble glass balls, "charlotte" is the most stylish and refined option to brighten up any living space in your home or office with the latest LED technology. The elegant, modern design will add a rich, opulent ambiance to any room and will cast a soft, pleasant glow on your decor. Equipped with two Artiva exclusive true 360degree view angle LED lights and our special LED dimming system, choosing the right lighting setting for you is made easy. 18" x 18" x 61" h. Edit marketing copy.

  • Two exclusive true 360degree view dimmable LED filament bulbs included
  • Compare to regular 150W lamp, artiva LED lamp will save over $30 each year of your electricity bill (based on 6hrs per day usage and 11 cents per kilowatt)
  • 2000 lumens (150W replacement used only 16W of electricity
  • Beautiful modern Silver textured silk shade with hanging drops of Crystal clear bubbles glass ball
  • Featuring exclusive LED dimmer switch
  • Color Available:Chrome