ANLight 24pcs Amber Yellow Tea Lights with Timer Function Battery Operated LED Candles for Indoor, Thankgiving Days, Christmas Day

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Brand : ANLight
SKU : ABSB075715MW4
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The yellow átealights can be used indoors or outdoors. Safe for usage in any setting or occasion because these flameless LED tealights doesn't have an open flame and it doesn't heat up during usage.á

The bulbs are made in LED, which is safe and energy-efficient. This is perfect for those nights when you want to relax and de-stress. Very easy to use, these fake candles can be turned on and off by the flick of a switch.á

Batteries are included in this product. The batteries are CR2032 lithium batteries that will last for a long time.


Material: LED+PP

Power Source: battery-powered (CR2032 button cell)

Type of bulb: áLED light

Diameter: approx.0.7inchesá

Appearance color: yellow

Package includes:á

24 xáwax drippedátealights

  • 1. Romantic & Relaxing - These tea lights made of LED+PP, it will present you a soothing environment. Whether you want to prepare a romantic dinner or just want a relaxing ambience of your house after entire tired work time.
  • 2. Easy to Operated & Arrange & Storage - This candle made from the electronic. It's a perfect combine of these candles. The wax outlook makes it beautiful and the electronic operated makes it easy to operated and do not need to clean after using this candle. You do not need to switch off the candle or worried about the safety - it is No more dripping wax, no more smoke & no more scent.
  • 3. Timer fuction - The tea light own a specific Timer, it lights up for 6 Hours and then turns off for 18 hours in 24 hour cycle automatically. That will save the electricity!
  • 4.Suitable for these occasions - anniversary, marriage proposal, candlelit banquets, promotional products, hotels, bars, home decoration, church, Christmas, indoor or outdoor.
  • 5.Power Requires: 1 x button battery per tea light (included).