ADS360 AD9131-02 Cooper LED, Floor Lamp, White

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Brand : ADS360
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The perfect fluid arm movement has been discovered in the Cooper LED Desk Lamp. Two square shapes of the same size cooperate to create a fluid movement. One is dense and heavy to act as a counterweight, the other one is light and hollow to act as a lamp shade. The counterbalanced lamp construction will not get loose over time since it is based on the force of gravity, and not from friction or a steel spring. 600 lumens of warm, bright light is dimmable by a touch switch on the metal pole. This functional 8 watt LED light adjusts from 14 to 37 inches in height and extends from 22 to 39 inches in depth providing a full range of reach that is also rotatable by the base. Keeping it simple with a solid matte black finish, the design focuses on the lamps unique shape. The style is finished off with a decorative fabric covered cord.DESIGNER BIO:
Jonas Forsman grew up in SmÃland, a region in southern Sweden that is historically famous for furniture production. From an early age, Jonas learned to save on resources by using as little as possible and to make the most out of it. This way of life has become a guide line for him as a designer, facilitating resourcefulness and originality.

toI start from the function and see if I can solve it in a new way, often by using different materials or new mechanical solutions. Then I cut away all things not necessary and let the function speak for itself,states Jonas.

His focus on mechanical function as well as physical style leads to some of the best LED task products in the industry. Crane and Cooper are just the beginning of his work with ADS360 �œ there is much more to come!

Jonas studied industrial design engineering in Gothenburg, Sweden where he now has his studio. Jonas has been awarded several Red dot awards and Design S awards for his innovative and unique products.

  • Matte White finish
  • Smooth adjustability at the base, arm and shade
  • Touch dimmer switch on shade
  • Designer: Jonas Forsman
  • Color Available:White