Adesso 3037-01 Matte Black Morgan Desk Lamp

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Brand : Adesso
UPC : 798919303717

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A mix of vintage and industrial styling, the Morgan Desk Lamp makes a statement wherever you place it. A thin metal tube creates the entire body of the lamp and flows continuously into a green fabric covered cord that pops perfectly against the matte black finish . An amber tinted vintage edison bulb, which is included with the item, provides warm, decorative light. A simple on/off switch is located conveniently on the cord. All Adesso lighting products are either UL listed or ETL listed, meaning it has been tested and approved to meet the government-regulated safety standards for the USA. When shopping for lighting products, we recommend to always look for the UL or ETL marks to ensure you are purchasing lighting that has been tested for safety standards by a 3rd party testing lab. Unfortunately, not all lighting products in the marketplace have been through 3rd party safety testing. The Adesso Smart Switch brings science to lighting, promoting health and well-being to the average consumer home. Adesso does this without compromising design, and without the high price points. The Adesso Smart Switch is designed to be adjustable in order to sync with the human circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm refers to your sleep/wake cycle and is influenced by sunlight. By adjusting your lamp's color temperature throughout the day you will simulate the natural progression of the sun, helping to regulate the body's internal clock to improve sleep habits and overall personal health. For example, turning your lamp on full brightness at a cool color temperature (such as 5,000K) will signal the brain to wake up and be alert, reducing melatonin production. This would be best to use during the day while you are indoors, simulating the sunlight you should be receiving while the sun is high in the sky. Dimming your lamp and setting the color temperature to a warm 2,700K would be best to use while reading before bed. This type of light simulates the sunset, and send signals to your brain to produce melatonin, helping you to fall asleep easier.

  • Matte Black Finish
  • 40W Amber Tinted Vintage Bulb Included
  • Green Fabric Covered Cord
  • On/Off In-Line Switch