Achla Designs SL-SV03Y 0000 Solar Powered Round Glass Hanging Lantern-Decorative Outdoor Light, Yellow

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Brand : Achla
UPC : 719908340834

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Product Description:

Perfect for adding elegant warm light to your patio or other outdoor areas, the Solar Crackle Vases are unique hanging solar lights for your garden, adding a glow to branches or arbors without the need to run an electrical cord. The solar panel charges easily and lasts about 6 hours. Available in Goblet and Teardrop shaped glass in four colors, Fern Green, Lapis Blue, Yellow and Teal

  • LIGHTS UP YOUR PATIO TABLE, WALKWAY, OR GARDEN - Achla Designs' decorative round glass lanterns are perfect for lighting up any outdoor landscape area around your yard. You can hang the lamp from a shepherd's hook in your garden, or line a path with several of these lanterns. Alternatively, you could place a single lantern on an outdoor table to provide light during the evening.
  • POWERED BY A SOLAR PANEL CHARGER - The light inside this round glass hanging lantern is powered by a solar panel in the black plastic cap that sits on top of the glass. This solar panel contains an internal battery that gets charged during the day as the solar panel is exposed to direct sunlight. Then as the sun goes down, the battery is able to power the light for about six hours.
  • HANDMADE YARD DECOR - These beautiful hanging lanterns are made from hand-blown colored glass with a crackled texture. These glass vases are shaped like spherical goblets. They measure about 5 inches in diameter with a height of about 5.5 inches. Since they are handmade, the exact dimensions may vary slightly. An aluminum wire handle is included for hanging the lantern.
  • FOUR BEAUTIFUL COLORS - These lighted glass vases are available in four different ethereal colors. Choose between blue lapis, fern green, teal, and yellow. As the solar powered light shines through the crackled, colored glass, a magical glow is created, adding a wonderful ambiance to your patio, yard, or garden. You'll love spending time outside near these beautiful lanterns.
  • ALUMINUM HANGING WIRE - Attached to the bottleneck of each glass lantern is a strong aluminum wire handle. This aluminum wire handle makes the lanterns easy to hang from just about any hook. Thanks to this feature, the lanterns are also portable. Since they are solar-powered, there are no attached wires, so you can easily carry the lantern to any location in the yard.