6 Globe Bright White LED SOLAR Powered Umbrella Lights

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Brand : Patio Living Concepte
UPC : 833353080616

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These lights look great during the day and magical at night. 6 - 100mm globes illuminate using super bright white LEDs that last up to 20,000 hours. Inconspicuous solar panel attaches magnetically to the umbrella cover. Globes are easily attached without tools using included spring clips. Designed to allow for the umbrella to be closed without removing the globes. Includes a remote control with on-off and dimming function. Recommended for 6 rib umbrellas, gazebos, or railings.

  • 6 Globe Bright White LED 08061 SOLAR Powered Umbrella Lights
  • Color Bright White
  • Product Dimensions 6 Globes with 24" Spacing Between Each Globe