4 Pack - 10KV Surge Protection for Parking lot Lights and Wall Packs- 100-277Vac Version - Protect LED Pole Lights, Wall Packs and More Against Surge Damage - 10 kilovolts of Surge Protection

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Brand : RuggedGrade
UPC : 680196055444

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10KV Suge Protection -100- 277Vac - RuggedGrade LED Light Fixture Accessories - 4 Pack - 10KV Surge Protector 100-277vac - Designed to protect LED fixtures from lighting and other surge

  • PROTECT THE INVESTMENT - Add 10 Kilovolts of surge to protect your shoebox, wall pack or other lights
  • EASY INSTALL - 3 wire install. Can be installed in parallel (recommended) or series (max protection)
  • EASY FITMENT - fits any LED Light with an access compartment. This includes all of our LED Shoebox and Wall pack lights. Indoors it includes linear. Others such as UFO will require a junction box to be used.
  • UL LISTED - UL Listed and does not alter the light UL or DLC