3-Piece Flickering LED Candle Set with Daily Timer by Order Home Collection, Flameless Candles, Real Wax, Battery Powered, Light Dances and Flickers, Twine-Wrapped Tiered Pillars (Live, Laugh, Love)

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Brand : MerchSource
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Flameless mood-setting ambience

The Order Home Collection 3-Piece Flickering LED Candle Set defines the mood in any room with soft LED light that flickers and moves just like the light from conventional candles - but without the dripped wax, smoke or soot. Add to the ambience and enjoy a new level of convenience.

Automatic daily timer

Want to unwind by candlelight or enjoy candlelit dinners as part of your regular routine? Flip on the timer mode and the pillar candles will stay on automatically for 4 hours and then turn back on every day during the same time.

Inspiring home decor

With bases wrapped in twine and inspirational words emblazoned on both sides of each candle, this set will lift your home decor and your state of being. Always remember to live, laugh and love to the fullest.


Flickering LED light that dances and moves

Automatic daily timer

Inspiring words on both sides of each candle

Real wax for a soft, natural glow

Three pillar candles with tiered heights

Package Contents:

One 3 x 6 in. pillar candle

One 3 x 5 in. pillar candle

One 3 x 4 in. pillar candle

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  • SOFT FLICKERING LED LIGHT: These unique, modern candles feature soft LED lights that flicker and dance just like traditional flame candles.
  • AUTOMATIC DAILY TIMER: Turn on the timer mode and candles will stay on for 4 hours and then automatically turn back on at the same time the following day. Place them anywhere for automatic candlelight daily.
  • INSPIRATIONAL DëCOR: Twine wraps around each candle's base, and the inspirational words "live," "laugh" and "love" shine on both sides of each candle.
  • REAL WAX: Genuine wax creates a softer, more natural glow than plastic-bodied candles for a superior look that shines.
  • TIERED PILLAR CANDLE SET: Complete set comes with three pillar candles in tiered heights: 3 x 6 in., 3 x 5 in. and 3 x 4 in.